As a followup to my previous article, I want to write a Dynamic DNS service that could update my Route53 domains. Serverless architecture isn’t new, but I have never written anything against AWS Lambda before. I figured this would be a great project to get my feet wet and keep AWS cost down.

For those not familiar, serverless architecture is not an architecture without servers. There are still servers involved. But an excellent way to think about it is to run things when needed and turn them off when completed. Going serverless keeps the cost to reflect exactly how you…

I recently bought a UniFi Dream Machine Pro (UDM Pro). I did a ton of research before getting it and saw Dynamic DNS (DDNS) support. But it only supported a hand full of DDNS providers. My domains are in AWS Route53, and I did not want to pay premium pricing for the supported DDNS providers. So I embarked on a journey to create a personal provider to update a subdomain hosted in AWS Route53.

I first need to figure out how I am going to do it. What does the UDM Pro do? What do the other DDNS providers have…

Will Dixon

Senior Site Reliability Engineer and technology hobbyist

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